Woman Who Lost Her Forehead in a Crash Warns People Not to Put Feet on Dashboard

We sometimes forget how dangerous cars can be. The vehicles that we often consider to be everyday items are actually dangerous weapons, and what’s really terrifying is that even basic items in a car can put a person at risk. Magazines turn into blades, pens turn into spikes, and seatbelts can hold the same power as a noose.

In those moments, when a car collides with something, the force alone is enough to kill. But do you ever think about the way that you seat yourself in a vehicle? Because turns out, it’s pretty cruical.

As was the case for thirty-five-year-old Grainne Kealy, who broke every bone in her face as a consequence of the way that she was sitting when her boyfriend’s car collided with a wall. It was an incident that left her permanently changed. Now Kealy is trying to promote car safety, warning people not to do what she did.

It was just a normal day…


When Grainne Kealy, who was twenty-two at the time, went for a drive with her boyfriend in his Jeep.

Everything was going just fine.


Kealy had her legs up on the dashboard and she was loving life.

Little did she know how this would change things for her…


This one decision would change Kealy’s life forever.

Keep reading to see what happened to her…

Something went horribly wrong.

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